The Top Three Reasons for Calling a San Diego Plumber

With plumbing, there are a variety of reasons why a San Diego plumber may be called. However, a few plumbing problems are more common than others. Here are a few things that tend to go wrong more often than other problems with plumbing in San Diego:

Low Water Pressure

Over time, calcium deposits build up in the aerator, causing low water pressure. This is usually the case if the water pressure is affected whether you are using either hot or cold water. If only the hot water is affected, the cause may be related to the hot water heater.

Slow Drains

Hair and other debris building up can cause the drains in sinks and tubs to drain slowly. Cleaning the trap out regularly will keep your drains running smooth. Over time, if not attended to, the drain can become completely clogged. Also, the further down the buildup travels in the drain, the harder it is to unclog.

Garbage Disposal Problems

More often than not, the culprit of jammed garbage disposals lie in improper use. Contrary to popular belief, not everything can go in a garbage disposal, especially forks and paper products. Many people end up with clogged or jammed garbage disposals due to this common occurrence. The best pieces of advice in regards to garbage disposals are to cut larger pieces down to smaller ones, run it regularly, and clean it often by putting a few drops of dish liquid down the disposal.

These are some of the most common occurrences, along with burst pipes, over running toilets and other plumbing emergencies. Many things can happen that can warrant a call to a plumber San Diego is served by By The Book PHA, and we have licensed, experienced technicians who can come out to your home and handle any plumbing emergency in a professional manner. Give us a call today to find out more information.

Helpful Hints from a San Diego Plumber

Your plumbing working properly is a vital component of your home running smoothly. Plumbing issues can cause stress, headaches and an overall unsettling feeling for your whole household. Fortunately, there are a few things that you can do to help the plumbing stay in top working order. Here are a few hints from a San Diego plumber:

Don’t Put Strange Things Down the Drain.

It sounds obvious, but clogged drains from paint, construction materials, large pieces of food and shortening have all caused problems with plumbing. San Diego residents have a reliable source to remedy this type of problem when they call By The Book PHA, but to avoid significant damage to your pipes, think twice before sending something that isn’t a complete liquid down the drain.

Watch the Kiddos!

Children are notorious for putting weird objects in the toilet. From food to bouncy balls and entire rolls of toilet paper, a plumber in San Diego has seen all sorts of things. Make sure to keep the toilet secured from curious toddlers, whether by keeping the bathroom doors shut, or purchasing a secure closing mechanism for the toilet . You don’t want them playing with the toilet like it is an indoor water table anyway.

Keep D-I-Y Plumbing Projects to a Minimum

Sure, pulling the hair out of tub drain is probably feasible, but if you have a leak or need major repairs and have no idea what you are doing, you can end up having to pay for costly repairs if all you have to go on are some internet instructions. Save time and money, and call a professional to handle any repairs to a skilled and licensed plumber. San Diego is served by By The Book PHA, and they can handle jobs of all sizes. Give us a call today for more information about our services.



A Few Tips From A San Diego Plumber

No one wants to have plumbing problems. Dealing with slow drains, leaking pipes or clogged toilets is not something with which the average homeowner wants to deal. Here are a few tips from a San Diego plumber when something does go awry with your plumbing:

Watch Out For Trouble

Keep a close eye on issues you may start to notice. If a drain begins to drain slower than usual, take note. If there is a constant pool of water around the base of a faucet, it may need attention. Finding issues and fixing them sooner rather than later will save a lot of time and money when it comes to your plumbing in San Diego.

Know Your Home’s Plumbing

It is crucial to know the ins and outs of your system. Water shutoff valves, drains and the sewer valve are all important places of which to be aware, and if you need a plumber to come out, you can easily direct them to the proper location. It is also important to know where and how to specifically shut off the water to your different faucets and appliances. When something goes terribly amiss and water begins to pour out in undesirable places, knowing how to shut the water off at the source will save your property from a vast amount of potential damage.

Call A Professional

While some simple fixes, such as unclogging a toilet or cleaning the hair out of the tub drain, you can easily fix yourself, many things should be left to a licensed and professional plumber. San Diego residents have By The Book PHA available for all of their plumbing needs. Our friendly staff is here to help answer questions, and can be out to your home in no time at all. Give us a call or visit our website today to see all of our available services.